Condolence meeting for Dr Aslam Arian

Meeting for Dr Aslam Arian Condolence reference held at PMA House Karachi Many NGO’s representatives, doctors from various forums, friends and family members participated in this event to offer him a great tribute on his priceless services. Resolution passed to demand for marking a Govt hospital in the name of Dr Aslam Arain. All participants committed to spread his vision for a better social practice … Continue reading Condolence meeting for Dr Aslam Arian

Karachi Forum on Climate Change Meet up

A routine meeting of Karachi Forum on Climate Change was held on 14th Feb 2018 at Rainbow of peace and Ethics during this meeting all members with mutual consultation pledged to prepare a draft document for protecting Karachi’s environment from destruction. For the preparation of this document, all members of the forum will submit their suggestion by using their observations, skills and expertise. Whenever environmental … Continue reading Karachi Forum on Climate Change Meet up

Reiki Attunements

Reiki is a healing technique from Japan that alleviates stress and promotes relaxation. Reiki practitioners apply healing treatments by laying hands on the body or run their hands just above a person’s body in their energy field. Treatments produce feelings of peace, security and wellness. The belief is that life force energy surrounds all living things, and if it is left unbalanced, it causes illness … Continue reading Reiki Attunements

Provision of warm clothing

Winter is always welcomed by great pleasure with the buckets of nuts and lots of woolen and warm colorful clothing and stylish wearing only by privileged folk of the country but sadly, it brings a lot of sufferings to the poor people of our country. Many poor people in our country cannot afford to buy warm clothes for winter. We have really a blissful moment … Continue reading Provision of warm clothing